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Mu the TV writer



What are you doing?

Writing a TV pilot.

Eagles’ guitarist Glenn Frey moves to Paris and teaches them to rock. I call it French Frey!

Glenn Frey died, like, seven months ago.

Why do you ruin everything?

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Brush with danger



What are you watching?

A sci-fi dental hygiene film.

A what?!

Guy goes back to 1955 and has to make sure his parents floss and prevent timeline-disrupting cavities and gum disease.

It’s called Plaque to the Future!

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Murder is all around



Fu, you look awful!

Didn’t sleep well.

Dreamt I was at the taping of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the guy who played the anchorman tried to kill me.

Wow, what a Ted Knight-mare!

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The horror…



The horror… the horror…

Infants falling from the sky…

Whatevs. The storks caught them before they hit the ground.

You’ve just never been to a baby shower before.

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