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Should I get a parrot?



Hey Fu, since I’m a pirate now, should I get a parrot?

Absolutely not.

They’re too noisy. All that screeching makes my head want to explode.

Well, this is squawk-ward.

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Why was Fu kidnapped?






Why did you kidnap me?

Curiosity. You’re special.

I am?

We’ve never seen such a high level of punning ability in a feline.

Uh oh….

I don’t make puns! Mu does!

I think intro-duck-tions may be in order..

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Space Duck





So Fu really was taken by space ducks.

We’ve taken all sorts of people. Actors, like Leonardo Duck-aprio or Duck-ota Fanning. Or world leaders, like Duck Cheney.
Charles Duck-ens. The Duck-ess of York. Danny Bona-duck-e….

Make it stop

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