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Brush with danger



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A sci-fi dental hygiene film.

A what?!

Guy goes back to 1955 and has to make sure his parents floss and prevent timeline-disrupting cavities and gum disease.

It’s called Plaque to the Future!

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Episode IV: A Mu Hope



“Dear Mu, my friend Han and I are here to rescue the princess, but he’s hurt his leg and can’t walk.”

“Stormtroopers will be here any second! What should we do?!? Signed, Trapped on Tattooine.”

Trapped, the solution is simple: Keep calm and carry Han!

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Hilarious poltergeist movie





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Hilarious movie. Poltergeists start a house cleaning service.

When you got cobwebs / Underneath your bed / Who you gonna call? / GHOST DUSTERS!

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