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“Dear Mu, I play Susan Dey in an off-Broadway production of The Partridge Family: Behind the Music.”

“But I just got an amazing offer to be a toll booth operator in New Jersey. What should I do? Signed, Don’t Call Me Laurie.”

Laurie, working a toll booth is way too taxing. Trust me: don’t quit your Dey job!

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The circus closes



How’s the flea circus?

Closed indefinitely.

I got in a fender-bender and they all got arrested…

…for flea-ing the scene of an accident!

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Mu makes a profit



A flea circus has no overhead. I don’t have to pay them because they work for food.

Of course, I have to feed them either at night, or first thing in the morning.


Because there’s no such thing as a flea lunch!

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