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Fu loses his wallet



Welcome back to The Cat’s Paw-dcast. In other news, Fu lost his wallet.

Which is really unfortunate, because I had just come from the bank and it was full of cash.

It just proves the old saying: a Fu and his money are soon parted!


The Cat’s Paw-dcast debuts



Welcome to The Cat’s Paw-dcast. We bring you the news of the day from a feline perspective.

Today’s top story: Mu got within a few feet of a pigeon before it flew away.

Not feet. Inches.

It was a close encounter of the bird kind!


Mu makes a profit



A flea circus has no overhead. I don’t have to pay them because they work for food.

Of course, I have to feed them either at night, or first thing in the morning.


Because there’s no such thing as a flea lunch!


Mu starts a circus



I ordered some fleas online to start my own circus. They arrive tomorrow from Canada.

What an incredibly dumb – wait, why Canada?

I got them through the North American Flea Trade Agreement!

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