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The Dangerous Summer



Did your footwear fashion summer camp end early?

So unfair.

I followed the assignment and brought in a venomous snake. Is it my fault it bit somebody?

Anyway, they said it was the wrong kind of moccasin, so they gave me the boot!

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It was a double dutch entendre



Dear Fu, Things are not going well here at Boot Camp.

My counselor really didn’t like my interrupting his seminar on Dutch shoes with a joke.

I guess I was clogging up the works!

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Stiletto Crazy After All These Years



Dear Fu, Still learning a lot about shoes here at Boot Camp, but my fellow campers don’t like me.

As you know, I prefer a heel that runs under the entire length of the foot. They say it’s ugly.

It’s really driven a wedge between us!

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Lazy Mu-san



Dear Fu, Having fun here at Boot Camp. Learning a lot about shoes.

My counselor doesn’t like me, though. He says I need to help more when there’s work to do.

I’m guess I’m just a big loafer!

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