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Fu returns home



How was your camping trip?

Awful. I couldn’t stop thinking of puns.

Did you bathe?

Not in three days. Why?

It would explain why you became so pun-gent!

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Fu’s revelation




The guidebook said the shrubbery out here was amazing, but it’s totally bush league!

Aargh! Why can’t I stop thinking about puns? It’s like this part of me had been locked away…

…and somehow I’ve o-punned the door!
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Fu gets scared



I guess it is kind of lonely out here. And scary. What if I saw a bear?

Would I hide? Would I climb a tree? Would I play dead? Would I…

Oh no – I’m lost in the woulds!

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Fu in the forest




Ah, nature. Solitude. I’m glad Mu didn’t come.

Why should I feel lonely when I’m surrounded by trees?

After all, trees’ a crowd!

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Fu’s going camping




I’m going camping. Wanna come?

No, thanks.

Why not?

Solo camping is relaxing. You and me camping together?

That would just be two in tents.

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