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Viewer Questions #5



Our final question comes from M. Stanley, who asks: what is the delta of a forward on a dividend paying stock?

I guess I could make a stock market joke, but I’m afraid it would be too derivative!

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Viewer Questions #3



Here’s another viewer question for Fu. Robin wants to know: did Fu ever finish his birdhouse?

Actually I did, and it was really cool for a while, but then this large seabird tried to move into it…

Yeah, and then things really took a tern for the worse!

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Viewer Questions #2



Here’s a viewer question for Fu. Tiny wants to know: why does Fu hate ants so much?

Did an ant bully steal his lunch money? Did a gang of ants terrorize his town like desperadoes in an old Western?


Actually, Tiny, he’s just intoler-ant!

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Viewer Questions #1



The week on The Cat’s Paw-dcast, we answer viewer questions.

Hamilton writes, “You guys have talked a lot about your pig neighbor. What is his name?”

Oh, we never said?

It’s Boar-eguard!

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